Fall in Australian Ham Radio Licences

Data from the ACMA has shown a fall in the number of current Australian Amateur Radio licences in the past year.

It seems that the biggest single impact has been attrition caused by cancelled callsigns and silent keys among those returning from military service in World War II.

According to ACMA files for the 2016 callbook, due out late this year, VK7 has gained 17 to be the best performing, VK8 has two more, while the remaining call areas lost licences. The most populous states are New South Wales and Victoria, with VK2 at 4070 down 138, and VK3 having 4007, a loss of 120.

Overall in 2014 there were 15,141 licences, now at 14,748 or down by 393.

The falling numbers are a concern, but many people are now joining through the Foundation Licence that is attracting new people. Classes are also still finding a few who have previously failed under the old Novice licence system. Family involvement is another aspect.

Lapsed radio amateurs are also being revived by the scope of modern Amateur Radio and the opportunities it offers.

Jim Linton VK3PC from the WIA says recruitment should always be high on the agenda of clubs, WIA assessors,  trainers and all of today’s radio amateurs, our future deserves it.

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