RSGB Young Members Down by Nearly 50%

The RSGB have provided details of the number of young, free membership entitled members within the organisation.

There are currently 227 young members of the RSGB, a decrease from the 410 members in 2011. A young member is person under 21, or under 26 if enrolled in full time education.

Of the 227 current young members of which 18% are female, the licence levels are as follows

  • 65% Foundation 
  • 17% Intermediate
  • 11% Full (Advanced)
  • 7% No licence details recorded

To help recruit more young members, the RSGB will be releasing a new video, 'Hobby for the 21st Century', which is aimed at encouraging youth into the hobby 

RSGB membership is free to licensed UK amateurs under the age of 21 or aged 21-25 and in full time education -