FreeDV Fortnightly Europe-wide Net / Test Session

17th September 2015 saw the first FreeDV test session/NET, the intention being to have several stations running the Open Source FreeDV digital voice mode ( on HF, so that we can see how well it works across Europe and to allow both those sending and receiving to set levels in the software to enable the best transmission copy.

There were eight active participants sending and a further twelve stations monitoring activities on air and via the chat room at

Forty metre band conditions were not good and the net suffered a lot of QRM despite moving frequencies several times.

Both the standard 1600 and the new 700B modes were used. PC, MAC and SM1000 based stations took part. Some progress and a few contacts were made.

This sked will occur next on October 1st at 1800 UTC, this time using 20 metres.

Full details are on the digital voice Google Group -!forum/digitalvoice