Electronic Learning Bricks

Encouraging and inspiring the young in radio and electronics has taken a forward leap thanks to the help of some excellent and innovative electronic bricks that hopefully will set the seed for our future inventors and designers.

Ideal for Radio and Electronics clubs, DitroniX are have announced that they are now the UK partner, distributor and educational support for ALLNET Brick’R’knowledge products.

These are an exciting range of rugged electronic bricks that may be used to build a vast range of circuits and projects, from simple passive and active, to more advanced digital and Arduino based, right through to higher level radio communications and RF, 24 GHz.

Children from as young as 3 years (supervised), through to young adults and adult learning, are able to easily build an encouraging range of interesting projects. The emphasis is on fun learning, no soldering and rewarding.

Brick’R’knowledge offer complete sets, work books, and individual bricks, that are ideal for Pre-Schools, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Clubs, Children's Activity Groups, Parties, Scouting, Youth Training Schemes, Electronic Engineering Experimentation, Tutoring, Amateur Radio and Electronics Clubs.

More information - http://www.ditronix.com