K for Kernow (Cornwall) Starts 2016

After a successful application on behalf of Radio Amateurs in Cornwall to Ofcom, requesting temporary use of the RSL ‘K’ (for ‘Kernow’, the Cornish word for Cornwall), following the recognition of the Cornish People under the ‘Framework Convention on National Minorities’.  Ofcom has agreed to this request and will permit Radio Amateurs with a Main Station Address in Cornwall to use of the RSL throughout 2016

In common with comparable past temporary RSLs, it will be available for all classes of Amateur Radio licences, including stations participating in contests.  Ofcom shall authorise the use of ‘K’ by varying individual licences, upon application by licensees via the website of the RSGB. 

Flag of Kernow (Cornwall)

Flag of Kernow (Cornwall)

Eligible licensees will be able to use the RSL ‘K’ anywhere within Cornwall, including at an alternative address, a temporary location, mobile or maritime mobile though Maritime Mobile use would, as usual, be limited to holders of the Full licence.

Use of this RSL will not be mandatory.  Licensees not wishing to use it will therefore continue to apply the normal licence rules on RSLs.

Ofcom will make the variation and further guidance available from early December 2015,and will then be available for a twelve month period from 1st January 2016. The variation may be extended beyond the twelve month period.

More information - http://licensing.ofcom.org.uk/radiocommunication-licences/amateur-radio/licensing-updates/RSL-K-cornish-amateur-radio/