Afrikaans Amateur Radio Dictionary

The South African Radio League (SARL) has received excellent feedback from interested radio amateurs following a call to compile an Afrikaans amateur radio dictionary.


The initial team consists of eight amateur radio members, Etienne Naude, ZS6EFN; Jan Pieper, PE1PMO; Pine Pienaar, ZS6GST; Cobus Rabe, ZS1DJR; Louis de Wet, ZS6SK; Ryan Gibson, ZS6GGR; Johan du Bryn, ZS6JHB, and Fritz Sutherland, ZS6SF.

After agreeing the working structure and guidelines to make the project a success, the final working document will be sent to the team members during the coming week for their input and finalisation after which the project will start in all earnest.

The workgroup will be divided into three groups to allow for bigger and wider participation from amateurs and other interested parties.

Group A, a 4-member committee, will be responsible for the project overall. Group B will consist of the wider radio amateur community with input to the word lists and external parties such as linguists. Group C is responsible for all the editing work together with the committee who will be responsible for the layout and structure of the dictionary.