PyQSO v0.2 Released

Version 0.2 of PyQSO, a simple contact logging tool that runs on Linux, has been released.

PyQSO is a logging tool for amateur radio operators. It provides a simple graphical interface through which users can manage information about the contacts/QSOs they make with other operators on the air. All information is stored in a light-weight SQL database.

This new release contains a number of fixes and updates to the user interface, and additional features such as an 'insert current date and time' button and the option of specifying default values for the power and mode fields.

Key features include

  • Customisable interface (e.g. only show callsign and frequency information).

  • Import and export logs in ADIF format.

  • Perform callsign lookups and auto-fill data fields using the database.

  • Sort the logs by individual fields.

  • Print a hard-copy of logs, or print to PDF.

  • Connect to Telnet-based DX clusters.

  • Progress tracker for the DXCC award.

  • Grey line plotter.

  • Filter out QSOs based on the callsign field (e.g. only display contacts with callsigns beginning with “M6”).

  • Remove duplicate QSOs.

  • Basic support for the Hamlib library.


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