SARL Assist Zambians with the Licensing of Amateurs

The SARL (The South African Radio League) will assist the Radio Society of Zambia with the licensing of amateurs in that country.


In accordance with the requirements of the ITU, the Zambian authorities require a harmonised amateur radio examination certificate (HAREC) before issuing a license.

In the past this certificate was provided by the UK's City and Guilds after Zambian candidates passed the City and Guilds Radio Amateur Examination.. This arrangement is no longer in operation.

The Radio Society of Zambia has approached the SARL to conclude an agreement whereby the Zambian candidates can write the South African examination. Under the new agreement, set out in a memorandum of understanding, Zambian candidates will in future enter for the South African examination. For this purpose, a SARL examination centre will be registered in Zambia and the Radio Society of Zambia will provide the venue, invigilators, security arrangements and cover all costs.. The answer papers will be returned to South Africa and will be marked here.

HAREC certificates will be couriered to the Radio Society of Zambia for those candidates who pass. The Zambian authorities have already agreed to accept the HARECs issued by the SARL.

Zambian candidates who are members of the Radio Society of Zambia qualify for SADC members of the SARL.

This arrangement is similar to the arrangement the SARL already has with Namibian Amateur Radio League.