D-STAR Secret Nuclear Bunker

George Smart, M1GEO has located a digital voice D-Star repeater at Keveldon Hatch sercet Nuclear Bunker. The repeater will provide coverage throughout west and central Essex, UK.

The site is located appx 30km northeast of London, and will be using the callsign GB7KH.

George was discussing the set-up of a Icom ID-RP4000V UHF repeater with ID-RP2C controller and Procom duplexer tuned for the output frequency of 439.6125 MHz and 430.6125 MHz input, during a recent Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society Skills Night.

George is currently trying to source 100 metres of LDF4-50 feeder, it's a long way to the antenna, he's also developing a remote control shutdown mechanism and sorting out the PC for the Icom G2 software.

Alongside the Icom repeater, he is working on a backup repeater which can be used in case of problems. This is a Simoco PRF10 series UHF repeater with DVRPTR_V1 GMSK modem, and G4KLX’s ircddbgateway and dstarrepeater software on a Raspberry Pi.

Further information on GB7KH - http://www.gb7kh.co.uk/

Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society Skills Night - http://www.essexham.co.uk/news/skills-night-feb-2015-report.html

Repeater Map - http://www.ukrepeater.net/my_repeater.php?id=2330