76 GHz Under Threat from Car Radar

Amateur Radio and Amateur Satellite allocations in the 76 GHz band are under threat from vehicle radar systems

The FCC is seeking comment on issues involving expanded use of various radar applications in the 76-81 GHz band, which Amateur Radio shares with other services. The band 77.5-78 GHz is allocated to the Amateur and Amateur Satellite services on a primary basis, and to the Radio Astronomy and Space Research services on a secondary basis.

“We undertake this proceeding to expand the available spectrum for radar operations in the 76-81 GHz band,” the FCC said in a detailed Notice of Proposed Rulemaking and Reconsideration Order (NPRM&RO), released February 2015 in ET Docket 15-26.

The Commission said the proposals include allocation changes as well as provisions “to ensure that new and incumbent operations can share the available frequencies in the band.”

ARRL Story - http://www.arrl.org/news/fcc-seeks-comment-on-radar-sharing-schemes-that-could-displace-amateur-radio-at-76-81-ghz