Hams 29th Novel – The Ship That Wouldn’t Die

Best-selling author and active radio amateur operator Don Keith N4KC has just published his 29th book. The Ship that Wouldn't Die - an epic and true World War II story about a little known incident at the Battle of the Coral Sea in May 1942. 

The USS Neosho was a tanker assigned to the Allied fleet preparing for the upcoming showdown with Japan in the Coral Sea. Because of her value to the fleet, the tanker was sent 200 miles to the south for safety. However, enemy scouts mistook her for one of the Allied aircraft carriers and more than 80 dive-bombers were sent to attack her. Her escort destroyer was sunk immediately. Though seriously damaged and afire—she still held thousands of gallons of flammable fuel—the tanker’s crew worked miracles to keep her afloat for four terrifying days until help finally came. Almost 200 men went into the shark-infested sea during the attack. Many of them ended up on life rafts. They drifted nine days before rescuers found them. Only four of those men were still alive by then.

Don is active in all aspects of the Amateur / Ham Radio hobby, is an ARRL member, and holds the Extra Class amateur radio license. His book RIDING THE SHORTWAVES: EXPLORING THE MAGIC OF AMATEUR RADIO talks about the captivating allure of ham radio and gives others—especially newcomers or those considering getting their licenses—ideas on how to get the most from the hobby. The amateur radio book—as well as all of N4KC’s works—is available wherever books are sold and in most common reading formats.

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