RSGB Youth Committee Minutes Released

The minutes of the RSGB Youth Committee meeting held on 14 March 2015 have been released

In the minutes RSGB Board member Steve Hartley G0FUW indicates that in 2014-15 the level of young members in the RSGB had remained broadly constant.

The number of young members had plunged by 43% in the preceding 4 years to the low 200's.

The minutes record that the increase in the average age of RSGB members has halted but it is due to older people in their 40's joining rather than younger people.

In 2011 60% of RSGB members were aged 60 or over and the average membership age had been increasing one year every year so it is encouraging news that this aging trend has now stabilised.

The minutes note the RSGB Board's view that the Society has money and that this money is being well spent if it furthers the hobby and brings more youngsters into the hobby. For the Wales DX15 event the Committee has secured £3900 from the RSGB and the RCF.

The Youth Committee Chair Mike Jones 2E0MLJ plans to give a 30 minute presentation about the Committee's work to the RSGB AGM in London on Saturday, April 25.

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