RadCom Plus - New Amateur / Ham Radio Magazine Launched

UK Amateur / Ham Radio Society RSGB has launched a new 48 page magazine RadCom Plus which will be available free to members 3 or 4 times a year

In producing the new magazine the Society is responding to the desire of many members to see more technical articles. The stated aim is make RadCom Plus the best and most technically advanced amateur radio magazine in the world.

The RSGB Chairman Graham Murchie G4FSG encourages readers to submit articles for publication in future issues.

The RSGB has announced plans to produce a third magazine RadCom Basics which will target newcomers and will also be free to members.

The first edition includes a long article on building Z match ATU by Bob Burns, G0OOU.

You can read and print edition 1 of RadCom Plus as well as sign up for email notification of publication -  http://rsgb.org/main/blog/front-page-news/2015/04/30/radcom-plus-vol-1-1/