Ham Radio Operator Flies Model Tricopter

Amateur radio operator Ken Trudeau KD0PJF of Gray Summit flies his home-built tricopter at Liberty Field by remote control

Trudeau built the model flyer with parts that cost approximately $25 and electronics that cost more than $350. It carries a flight camera and GoPro camcorder which films and records video of what is seen below.

The GoPro camera, which is small and light enough to fly on the 18-inch body of the tricopter, films in high-definition and offers a smooth playback.

Trudeau became a ham radio operator about eight years ago in order to fly the radio-controlled tricopter which uses 2.4 GHz for the video link and 433 MHz for the control link.

Full story -  http://www.emissourian.com/local_news/pacific/ham-radio-operator-flies-model-tricopter/article_42e135e4-e8f2-11e4-b9ee-9f8b75746961.html