Swedish 160m Proposal

In a consultation on licence exempt regulations, the Swedish amateur radio regulator, PTS, has proposed increasing the power in 1900-1950 kHz from 10 to 100 watts

Currently 1 kW is permitted in 1810-1850 kHz and 10 watts in the rest of the band. The Swedish national society, the SSA, says it wants the PTS, when possible, to considering further increase of the allowed power to 1 kW in the whole band 1810-2000 kHz, alternatively an increase to 100 W in the sub-band 1850-2000 kHz.

The proposed changes in the licence exempt regulations cover call signs for training and demonstration, and the use of automatic amateur radio by those who do not have amateur radio licence.

Read the SSA story - http://tinyurl.com/PTS-2015-160m

Amateur radio was made licence exempt in Sweden in 2004 - https://www.pts.se/upload/Documents/EN/Radio_amateurs.pdf

SSA in Google English - http://tinyurl.com/SwedenSSA