£6bn Radio Replacement Emergency Staff May Put Lives at Risk

A £6 billion project to replace radios used by the 999 services with a system that uses the 4G mobile phone network has been condemned as ‘reckless’ and ‘short-sighted’ amid fears it could put lives at risk.

The UK Home Office is planning to overhaul communications for emergency teams within two years. But police chiefs, crime tsars and industry experts say that the project is being rushed through to save money. 

A report by UK Newspaper - The Mail on Sunday can reveal that:

  • Civil servants are insisting that police forces start moving to the new system by next year – even before there is full coverage across the country, despite warnings by Chief Constables.
  • The public will be left struggling to call 999 in a disaster, as they will be using the same 4G networks as emergency services, who will take priority.
  • Police insiders are concerned that the new system may not work on the London Underground, as was required after 7/7.

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