VHF/UHF/Microwave SDR Transceivers

50-4000 MHz SDR Transceivers were given to attendees at the recent Chaos Computer Camp. 

The @rad1obadge transceiver is a full-featured SDR Transceiver with an output power of 5-10 dBm.

It is based on a Wimax Transceiver which sends I/Q samples in the range of 2.3 to 2.7 GHz to an ARM Cortex M4 CPU.

The CPU can then process the samples stand alone for various applications (like FM receiving, Spectrogram display, RF Controlled power plugs, etc.) or send the samples via USB 2.0 to a Computer where they can be processed with the help of GNU Radio.

The extended frequency range is provided by a mixer that can be inserted into the RF path. For immediate usage, the board contains a 2.5 GHz chip antenna which can be replaced with an easily soldered Antenna connector for usage in different frequency ranges. The radio also contains an LCD and Joystick as did the r0ket from last year's CCCamp.