Ofcom on Communications after Brexit

Ofcom CEO Sharon White has recently given an update post Brexit, expressing her views in relation to the UK’s £57bn communications sector

In the decades since Shortwave Radio first crossed the “Iron Curtain”, White notes that satellites have come to beam pictures into billions of homes.

For many years, European broadcasters have been able to transmit across the EU and wider European continent, so long as they comply with the rules of the country in which they are established.

That principle should endure in the UK, so that media companies based here don’t face unnecessary hurdles. The UK is home to the largest number of pan-European media companies, and we want to retain that talent.

Media Article - http://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2016/10/04/as-britain-looks-for-the-best-eu-deal-we-must-talk-about-communi/