Hams Honoured for Emergency Preparedness

Radio amateurs in the Tukwila Emergency Communications Team (TEC) have received recognition for their role in preparing the city for an emergency 

King County Executive Dow Constantine awarded the TEC Team the sixth annual Executive's Award for Community Preparedness at the Tukwila Fire Department's headquarters, given each fall to a volunteer organization that trains for and responds to emergencies.

When we began planning for this year’s award my staff brought me no small number of very worthy nominees, one of which will probably win next year. But this group rose above all of them. It is tremendously gratifying to be at the head of a county where people are not simply sitting and waiting for the government to come help, but they are pulling together as a community to help one another and join together with their local government to provide a safer place for all.
— Dow Constantine, King County Executive

The team consists of 20 volunteer emergency communications responders who work or live in Tukwila and provide the city with ham radio communication in an emergency.

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