SKYWARN Youth on the Air Net

A new net, focusing on young amateur / ham radio operators getting involved in weather has begun.

Skywarn Youth on the Air Net, meeting across Southwest Missouri repeaters every Sunday evening at 7.30pm, is also open to hams via Echolink.

As this net grows and evolves, we hope to create and present brief educational segments. We invite all young hams, their families, and the Amateur Radio community in general to check into this net. Young hams are the future of this hobby, and we encourage them to get involved, to get out on the air and talk, and to invite their friends to become hams as well.
— George Sfair, KJ6TQ

Priority will be given to operators 25 years and younger, and will also welcome unlicensed young operators interested in becoming licenced.

The SKYWARN Youth Net is held on Missouri linked repeaters in Fordland/Springfield, 145.49 MHz (136.5 Hz tone); Joplin, 145.35 MHz (91.5 Hz tone); Walnut Grove, 147.33 MHz (162.2 Hz tone); Buffalo, 147.18 MHz (136.5 Hz tone), and Branson, 147.15 MHz (162.2 Hz tone), as well as on EchoLink node 291849 or NNWS-R.