50 Watts for Australian Foundation?

Director of the WIA Roger Harrison in a recent submission to the ACMA has reviewed the future of the Australian Foundation Licence, including an increase in power.

The WIA board, as part of a recent review, are seeking to increase the power for all licence grades, with the hope to increase the foundation level to 50 watts.

The proposed increase will bring amateur / ham radio operators in Australia in line with other countires.

Other proposed changes include

  • Use of digital modes
  • Access to more bands
  • Increased power
  • Relaxation of the restriction to commercially made rigs
  • More permitted bandwidths 
  • A review of the Foundation callsign

With the growth of digital modes, the WIA is pushing the inclusion of access at foundation level as a priority, to allow early entrants to the hobby access to digital services.

Amateurs in Argentina, Canada, Japan, UK and the USA all have access to digital modes at foundation level.

In relation to the increase in power, whilst the WIA group admit that contacts are achievable using 10 watts, it is noted that, for stations in urban areas, Foundation operators frequently struggle making contacts battling against the prevailing RF noise levels experienced both locally and overseas.

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