Amateurs Criticize UK TV Show

The Nightmare Neighbour Next Door broadcasted recently on Channel 5, has drawn criticism from radio amateurs across the UK.

The show featured radio amateur Armando Martins M0PAM who has been subjected to a prolonged campaign waged by his neighbours who wish to stop him enjoying his hobby. 

Unfortunately, the RSGB was not invited to be part of Channel 5’s “Nightmare Neighbour Next Door” programme or to verify any facts. We have, of course, contacted Channel 5 about our concerns and have highlighted the positive aspects of amateur radio. We have also offered our expertise and input for future programmes where amateur radio is mentioned.
— RSGB Statemnt

The Channel 5 show gave extensive airtime to completely false claims about Armando Martins amateur radio station. These falsehood were repeated time and again throughout the show giving the impression to viewers that they might have been true. 

Ofcom has never found anything wrong with his station, the false health claims made in the show could cause considerable worry among viewers. 

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