UK Digital Radio Uptake

The UK Government has commissioned a report, to establish the uptake of Digital Radio within the UK.

Once the following criteria has been met, then Analogue Radio can be switched off

  • when 50% of all radio listening is via digital platforms; and when national DAB coverage is comparable to FM,
  • and local DAB reaches 90% of the population and all major roads.

The report indicates 57% of people in the UK have a DAB receiver in their home (Figure 12), 43% have them in their cars (Figure 8). It appears from Figure 6, however that Digital radio is considered not only to be DAB but also Smartphone/tablet apps, the Internet/PC and Digital audio channels over Digital TV channels.

If these figures are to be  believed, it appears the eventual creep of DAB into homes is almost at the switch-off-FM point but thankfully road coverage isn't there yet (even with the restriction of a road only being considered if it is a Motorway or A road - figure 1).

Ofcom Report -