Institute to Revive Amateur / Ham Radio in India

To attract youngsters to amateur radio, the Indian Institute of Hams has started an awareness campaign 

"When we created awareness during the 2012 Youth Festival held in Mangaluru, we received around 100 registrations for ham service but after that there has been no new registration. During the current awareness campaign we will focus on students' aims to use ham for global friendship, communication skills and communication in times of natural disasters when all modes of vital communication fail," said Shankar Sathyapal VU2FI, director of the Indian Institute of Hams, which is licensed by the Union ministry of Communications and IT.

Sathyapal said since Mangaluru is located in the coastal region, it is essential to have such modes of communication as it will aid during natural disasters. He pointed out how ham helped in rescue operations during the recent floods in Chennai.

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