Ham Radio Commutes and Secures West Bengal

Ham Radio has proven to be the only effective mode of communication for election polling and security personnel during the recent Assembly elections in West Bengal.

Many voting stations are so remote, that local mobile operator cell towers cannot provide an effective communication link.

Armed with solar-powered batteries and ham radio handsets, a team of licensed ham radio operators were agents of last mile connectivity between North 24 Parganas district control room at Barasat and those on the field.

This is the first time that ham radio operators are being used in the election process to provide connectivity. We are very proud and are doing it free of cost as a service to the nation
— Ambarish Nag Biswas VU2JFA of West Bengal Radio Club (amateur club)

The group have set-up their equipment and infrastructure in 47 polling premises, each manned by a licensed amateur ham radio operator.

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