RSGB Examination Standards 1st Report

The RSGB have released their first report in relation to the standards of the UK Amateur / Ham Radio Exam process

The report details numbers sitting / passing, details of improvement discussions along with lessons learnt.


Some of the detailed irregularities were dealt with by the EG during the first 5 months of 2015 include:  

  • One, continuing from 2014, involved a local mismarking and a subsequent exchange of solicitors’ letters. No further activity has occurred and the matter is assumed closed.  
  • An unauthorised reader incident was resolved with advice to those concerned. Unfortunately the candidate had failed.  
  • An inspection noted that an Advanced exam had started 2 hours early, there were posters on view allegedly of potential help to candidates and the start and finish times were not displayed. The timing does potentially compromise all other Advanced exams although there is no evidence it actually did. Strong words of advice were issued.  
  • A returned examination envelope contained only the OMS, Exam Booklet and Register. The Exam Papers, Answer Key, Invigilator Checklist and Reference Data Booklets were missing (the reference data booklets can be destroyed locally). The assistant invigilator, who had not previously undertaken this role, had taken the exam papers and answer key home in the claimed belief they should be destroyed. They were nonetheless returned to the RSGB several days later. The Examination Standards Manager visited the club, who were apologetic and formally resolved to ensure the assistant invigilator was appropriately trained before being allowed to invigilate again. The club received a written warning and words of advice.
  • The final case dealt with by the EG involved a fire alarm, fortunately a false alarm, which nonetheless involved evacuation of the building. One young candidate who was expected to pass showed a pattern of wrong answers for a few questions on resuming the exam. The RSGB does not have the authority to take any ‘Special Consideration’ into account, and re-sits are readily available. A re-sit paper was recommended, free of charge. In this instance it was anticipated that the hall owners, who caused the false alarm, would not charge for the hall.

The report, including many reports from the committee, can be downloaded from