Pirate Radio in the Digital Age

In the past twelve months, over 400 pirate radio stations have been shut down in the UK, and whilst many stations are providing an outlet for alternative music not covered by mainstream services, the impact upon the bands cannot be ignored.

Ofcom have commissioned Dr Angus Nurse and Dr Robin Fletcher to examine the modern-day phenomenon of unlicensed 'pirate' radio in the UK 

Dr Robin Fletcher and Dr Angus Nurse are currently examining the modern-day phenomenon of unlicensed ‘pirate’ radio in the UK.  The aim of the research is to, so far as is possible, examine the extent to which pirate radio remains a contemporary social and regulatory problem. We are examining why ‘pirate’ radio persists despite the existence of legal alternatives to unlicensed broadcasting.

Pirate Radio: An Illustrated History
By Keith Skues, David Kindred

The research, which was commissioned by the regulator Ofcom, also aims to assess both why people continue with ‘pirate’ broadcasting on FM radio, as well as the reasons why audiences continue to consume ‘pirate’ radio broadcasts.

They are now looking in depth at the reach of pirate radio and the reasons why people listen to it – especially in London. An anonymous online questionnaire published last year has been updated to try to gain more information from listeners and the public.

Public submissions - https://sprc.eu.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_bygvr8rwjNe4t6J

Full story - https://mdxminds.com/2016/05/24/is-pirate-radio-still-a-problem-in-the-digital-age/