RSGB Lead Negative Response to 5GHz Changes

The RSGB have led the negative responses to Ofcom’s request for feedback in relation to the 5GHz band, stating the are “..deeply disappointed in respect of Ofcom’s compliance with its duties…"

The RSGB highlight four areas of disappointment 

  1. Ofcom has deliberately not contacted the most innovative incumbents/ stakeholders as stated in Para 3.43 (only Wi-Fi) prior to the formal consultation period
  2. As an incumbent we have been blocked from contact during the consultation
  3. Ofcom has ignored their duty with respect to CEPT ECA allocation footnotes ECA17/23
  4. We expect Ofcom to makes amends and engage, or we will consider escalating this

The Society pointed out that "Ofcom’s research is badly flawed and belittles incumbents…" and "Ofcom strategy for Consumers is also flawed…"

The RSGB describes how "Ofcom’s preference risks causing harmful interference at home and internationally" and "Ofcom continues to unfairly suppress the most innovative stakeholder in the band, and undermine technology for innovation and emergency communications…"

RSGB and AMSAT-UK Responses -

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