Ham Plans Community Station

Geoff Osborne VK5HEL of the Lower Murray Amateur Radio Club, Australia is hoping to establish a community radio station in Murray Bridge

The problem I found when I moved here was that there are a lot of small clubs that can’t get their message or voice out and are not connected to each other in any way. A community radio station would give them a platform to share their plans and events and communicate with the public.
— Geoff Osbourne VK5HEL

In November 2016, Mr Osborne requested an FM frequency through the Australian Community Media Authority (ACMA) to get the station off the ground.

In 1925, the LMARC built 5MU, which remains the leading radio station for the Murraylands, it is hoped the new station will last nearly another 100 years.

Mr Osborne was advised by the ACMA that he was unsuccessful in getting a frequency this round, but he said this was not the end of the station.

Media Story - http://www.murrayvalleystandard.com.au/story/4908194/voice-for-the-people/