Amateur Radio Recognized in Norwegian Resource Register

Norway's national amateur radio society NRRL are now recorded in the Common Resource Register used by the main rescue centers and the police

The operational resources of NRRL are now registered in the registry and the authorities can therefore easily get an overview of what we can deliver in different crisis situations.

In resource registers, resource owners and resource users can exchange data on their capabilities and get an overview of available resources. By insight and common understanding of situations, resources can be exploited efficiently, and one can achieve significant time savings.

It is hoped that the registry may seem motivating to get ten operational solutions around the country, especially regarding emergency relations in major events. The devices that today can deliver resources to rescue services at very short notice are marked as green. This is true now in Troms, Oslo and Eastern police districts. In the rest of the country we are yellow indicating "reduced operational ability", except in Agder that has no registered activity and Trøndelag, which has not yet been registered.

In the foreseeable future, any need for emergency services from the southern federal service should therefore be covered from the districts, until groups in southern Norway establish some emergency preparedness.