FCC Scraps Telegraph Regulations

The FCC is continuing its drive to remove outmoded regulations and reduce the regulatory burden, has scrapped the regulations regarding Telegraph.

The last Western Union telegram in the United States was sent in 2006 and the FCC hasn’t enforced rules since 2013.

The FCC said in a notice it was removing “outmoded regulations” on telegraphs effective in November to “further our goals of reducing regulatory burdens, eliminating unnecessary rule provisions, and making the agency as efficient and effective as possible.”

FCC chairman Ajit Pai said in May he wanted to remove outdated rules, striking irrelevant regulations as “just a matter of good housekeeping” and others that stand “in the way of innovation and investment that would benefit consumers.”

FCC Document - https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2017/10/20/2017-22770/modernizing-common-carrier-rules