RadioStrat - Balloon Based Stratospheric Probe

RadioStrat is a balloon-based stratospheric probe project carried on by a bunch of Baccalaureate students as a research work for their final grade.

The four members’ team - Roc, Ignacio, Roger and Carlos, are studying aeronautics, computing and telecommunications within the science and technology branch of the Catalan Baccalaureate in Barcelona.

The probe is based on Arduino Uno and Trackunio. Readings from two temperature sensors and GPS tracking information will be sent to the VHF APRS network. It is expected reach up to 30Km high.

The RadioStrat team contacted to the Catalonia’s Radioamateur Association, Unió de Radioaficionats de Catalunya - URCAT, to get some technical support and to make an agreement to use the radioclub’s callsign EA3URC-9.

The balloon launched on 25th September 2017 (coordinates 41º 42' 51,8'' N i 0º 41' 14,7'' W).

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