First South Africian EME record on 10 GHz

Alex Artieda, ZS6EME, recorded the first-ever Digital EME QSO with HB9Q on 10 GHz  

Artieda's contact is the first Microwave EME QSO on such a high band from South Africa and operating the new digital mode QRA64D, while using only 50 Watts at the feed of his 1.5 metre dish. Later on 23 October 2017 Alex completed 10 more EME QSOs on 10 GHz.

Continuing to operate on 24 October, Alex make the first-ever Digital EME QSO in 5.7 GHz (6 cm) in the South Africa with PA3DZL at 11.56 UTC, and on the same day, he completed 7 more QSOs on 5.7 GHz.