More Access for Colombian Amateur Radio Operators

Amateur/Ham Radio Operators in Columbia have been granted access to the 2200m, 630m and 60m bands

The Liga Colombiana de Radioaficionados (LCRA) , IARU Member Society, with support from its strategic partner, Liga Radio Bogotá (LRB), have published notification that Colombian ham radio amateurs have now been granted new allocations to the Amateur Radio Service on the 2200m, 630m and 60 m bands.

The new allocations are the end result of efforts made by LCRA and LRB and will be effective when the Colombian Communications Ministry grants the aforementioned privileges by administrative act.

New Amateur/Ham Radio Allocations for Colombia

  • 2200m - 135,7 - 137,8 kHz
  • 630m - 472 -479 kHz
  • 60m -  5351,5 - 5366,5 kHz

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