New Release of DXtreme Monitor Log

A new version (11) of DXtreme Monitor Log, a Windows logging program for monitoring enthusiasts has been released.

In addition to the usual logging functions, the software features a Schedule Checker for finding broadcast stations to monitor, and integration with Afreet Band Master for finding ham stations. Both functions check the user’s database to indicate the stations to monitor for new or verified countries.

Monitor Log 11 provides rig control through integration with Afreet Omni-Rig and two popular SDR applications. The program features integrated Improv and QSL Imaging facilities that let users associate ad hoc screenshots, miscellaneous documents, electronic QSLs, and physical QSL cards with log entries.

The software includes customizable paper and e-mail reception report generators, a club report entry facility, social media posting, and an array of performance reports.

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