Are Millennials are Killing Ham Radio??

In a thought-provoking blog post, Sterling Coffey N0SSC discusses the current state of Amateur Radio and its future
He notes not every young person has a Mom who's sufficiently well off to spend $1000+ on an HF rig for their offspring - Remote Stations could provide the answer:  
Sterling suggests because young people do not often have access to the the kind of money an HF radio station requires, I strongly believe to captivate more young people, we need to do more of one of these two things.
- Promote your club’s shack, your own shack to young people.
- Put your shack on a remote service provider for others to use when you’re not."
But Amateur Radio should not just be about people-to-people communications but people-to-machine comms as well: 

...what’s much more interesting and impactful to the next generation is is the idea of people-to-machine communication. In other words, Digital Voice is dumb, Digital Data is smart, and the only ways to utilize digital data are explicitly NOT provided by the commercial manufacturers of amateur radio, but instead by Adafruit, Ubiquiti; HackRF, RFSpace, and USRP; and soon FaradayRF, among others.