AI to Control Spectrum Usage?

A Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) $3.75M contest looks to bring AI to wireless spectrum provisioning 

DARPA said the current practice of assigning fixed frequencies for various uses irrespective of actual, moment-to-moment demand is simply too inefficient to keep up with actual demand and threatens to undermine wireless reliability in the military as well as civilian applications, DARPA stated.

The challenge is expected to take advantage of recent significant progress in the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning and spur new developments in those research domains, with potential applications in other fields where collaborative decision-making is critical,” DARPA stated.

DARPA said it will build what it called the largest-of-its-kind wireless test bed – “the Colosseum” -- which will serve during and after the SC2 as a national asset for evaluating spectrum-sharing strategies, tactics, and algorithms for next-generation radio systems. The “Colosseum” will let researchers remotely conduct large-scale experiments with intelligent radio systems in realistic, user-defined RF environments, such as the wireless conditions of a busy city neighborhood or battle setting.

The 30 teams will now have to meet several requirements throughout the year to prepare for the Preliminary Event #1 Competition this December.

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