Ofcom Add Verify button

The UK communications regulator Ofcom have added a 'Verify your details' button to the top of the online amateur radio Licence Dashboard 

The text on the Ofcom Information for amateur radio licensees page under Frequently Asked Questions "How long is the licence valid for?" has been updated to mention the "Verify your details" button. It now reads: 

Licences are valid indefinitely unless surrendered by the licensee or revoked by Ofcom. It is the responsibility of the licensee to confirm to us that your details (name, address and so on) remain valid.

To validate your licence, you will need to log in to the Online Licensing System.  An on-screen prompt will appear asking you to check and update or confirm your details, to do this use the Verify my details button.

Under "Regulations and technical information" Ofcom have DELETED the following text: 

The "lifetime" licence will remain valid for as long as the licence details remain correct or until such time as the licence is either revoked by Ofcom or surrendered by the licensee. There is no end date on the "lifetime" amateur radio licence but Ofcom will revoke the licence unless the licence is either amended or validated at least once every 5 years.

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