Motorola Sues Hytera

Motorola have submitted a complaint to the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois against Hytera Communications Corporation Limited claiming that Hytera’s two-way radios, base stations, repeaters and dispatch systems, as well as its related commercialization and sales activities, are infringing patents owned by Motorola Solutions and utilizing stolen Motorola Solutions trade secrets.

Motorola Solutions believes that Hytera is intentionally infringing its intellectual property and misappropriating its trade secrets, which has enabled Hytera to compete unfairly by bypassing investment in innovation.

Recently, three Motorola engineers resigned from the company and joined Hytera. It is claimed that the ex-employees had key roles in developing products for their new employer that infringed intellectual property using in excess of 7,000 highly confidential files covering all aspects of the Motorola business.

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