New Ham Radio Rules in Uruguay

From February 2014, new amateur radio regulations came into force in Uruguay, which have been updated in accordance with recent international regulations and developments.

Changes include

  • The bands and the sub-bands are adopted according to the recently updated IARU R2 band plan.
  • New bands are authorised
    • 60m from 472 to 479kHz
    • 60m from 5,351.5 to 5,366.5
    • 6mm from 47 to 47.2 GHz
    • 4mm from 77.5 to 78 GHz
  • Frequency allocation is extended on 80m from 3,500 to 4,000 kHz and on 160m from 1,800 to 2,000 kHz
  • New amateur radio bands are allocated in SHF (microwaves) and reserved them for future amateur radio satellites.
  • It creates the category "BEGINNER" (novices) giving new amateurs the possibility of easy access.
  • Exam questionnaires have been updated, eliminating technical questions (circuits) and replacing them with current issues and operating procedures.
  • It creates a training program for new radio amateurs with mandatory operational practice on 80, 40, 10 and 2 meters.
  • CV and CW prefixes are now available for permanent licenses.
  • The maximum emission power for the “SUPERIOR” category is set at 1500W PEP.
  • The possibility of adding future digital and digital voice communications systems is left open.
  • It establishes the procedures for foreigners to apply and renew their licenses.
  • Reciprocal permits are maintained for non-resident foreign amateur radio.

The official text of the new Regulation (in Spanish) -