RSGB Claim Ofcom not Resolving Interference Complaints

UK Amateur / Ham Radio Society RSGB has taken issue with assertions by telecoms regulator Ofcom that the agency 'advises and assists spectrum users to help resolve harmful interference.' 

In response to Ofcoms 2017-18 Annual Plan, RSGB are unhappy that whilst Ofcom does advise complainants from the amateur community and elsewhere, it is “usually only to the extent of advising that they can do nothing and have no further interest in the case.” The regulator rarely uses its statutory powers to assist amateur radio hobbyists.

The issue of a perceived lack of response to spectrum policing is not only a UK issue. In the United States, the FCC has reduced the number of employees available to resolve interference issues.

Ofcom has been responsible for managing the UK spectrum since 2003 when 100 field staff responded and enforced the policy along with support from other offices and engineers. The RSGB concerns highlight that the spectrum is coming under increased pressure from non-compliant devices being policed by only 30 field engineers.