5000 Australian Spectrum Intruders

Wireless Institute of Australia observers looking for intruders on the ‘Primary’ frequencies of the Amateur Service on high frequency bands in 2016 found more than 5,000 intrusions, and passed onto the regulatory agency in IARU member countries.

A resulting clamp down on the Indonesian ‘village radio’ stations was occurring with the government regulator progressively removing offenders.

The WIA reports intruders to the Australian Communications and Media Authority, but due to the itinerant nature of some intruders this can prolong the process for their removal.

It has been noted that some authorities seem to be ignoring requests for the removal of interfering services.

An increasing number of digital emissions are intruding, and the use of Software Defined Receivers have identified non-amateur digital systems that are frequency hopping. The Manly-Warringah Amateur Radio Society of New South Wales has a five-band SDR receiver system that greatly assists in monitoring activities.

The WIA Monitoring System is constantly looking for volunteers to assist.

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