New Ham Radio Regulations in Netherlands

New Dutch amateur radio regulations highlight the possibility of future restriction in the 23 cm band due to the Galileo GPS system which operates across 1260-1300 MHz 

The Netherlands regulator Agentschap Telecom have issued a memorandum concerning unattended amateur radio licences for Repeaters, Beacons and APRS nodes. 

Regarding 23 cm "The possibilities for new licenses in this band may be in the future restricted, if it appears that there is too big an impact on primary usage (radio navigation satellites). The immediate reason for this is the deployment of Galileo."

Agentschap Telecom has adopted a Technology Neutral approach to regulation saying licences will be Technology Neutral as far as possible. Amateur radio technology is constantly evolving and licences for unattended operation will no longer specific requirements with regard to analog voice, digital voice, and data.

The memorandum details the specific frequencies on which Repeaters, Beacons and APRS nodes will be allowed to operate.

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