Pocket Prefix for Android

Pocket Prefix has been updated to version 2.4.2 and is available from the Google Play Store, along with an update for pre-installed versions.

Pocket Prefix is an Android app that was designed by Derek G4SWY initially to provide easy offline decoding of Amateur Radio prefixes but with continued development it has evolved into a multi-featured tool for all DXers and shortwave enthusiasts.

Pocket Prefix provides offline lookup of detailed information for callsign prefixes including special event, club, contest and rarely used. It displays DXCC Country, Continent, CQ zone, ITU Zone/Region, DXCC most-wanted rank and UTC offset, as well as whatever geographical and licence detail can be deduced from the prefix.

It uses GPS to obtain your Maidenhead locator (and Worked All Britain square if in UK) and so is able to calculate beam headings and distances from your location to the prefix location.

When connected to the web it integrates real time DX Cluster spot listings (courtesy of DXlite from G7VJR) with easy intelligent filtering and a graphical tuning display with band plan and choice of callsigns or DXCC entity names.

Other features include QRZ.com logon and lookup, Q Codes lookup. Beam heading and distance from your QTH to a Maidenhead locator. On screen UTC. Web search based on country regional detail.

This app for Android is completely free. It has no ads and no in-app purchases.

Pocket Prefix - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=g4swy.prefixdecoder.lite