Correction to Use Uruguay 60m Allocation

An entry (p.11) in the RCU - Uruguay national society’s bulletin CX511 has an FAQ section concerning the new Uruguay  Amateur Radio Regulations and in particular about 60m operation -
This indicates that currently access to the new Uruguay WRC-15 allocation is permitted only to Superior class licence holders.

Translation from Google English
13) I want to use the new 60 meter band. Should I take any precautions or limitations in their use?
Indeed, the new band of 60 meters is only enabled for amateur radio of Superior category (ex-ADVANCED)
The current regulation has an inconsistency, since clearly in the Numeral 4.3 does not assign the 60-meter band to the general category, then In paragraph 15.2 assigns a Pire power of 15W to that category, This does not mean I can use it.
It is a band in which the amateur radio service has a secondary character, or other services have priority,
Avoid interfering with them
The maximum power to be used is 25W PIRE, you must take into account that if your antenna has a higher gain than the unit should reduce it.
They are only 15 KHz of which 3 are assigned to CW and digital modes, if well it has 12 KHz assigned to "all modes" ... you must take into account
That if you leave "Fonía" with a bandwidth superior to 2.7 khz, you Is making space for other colleagues, making misuse of the spectrum in that band, .... be careful with the bandwidth you use
Finally, Uruguay is a pioneer in the region, it is a new band, with few allocations within Region 2, therefore, control with whom communicates, it can be a "pirate" station by not having the band enabled in his country.