ISS Packet Digipeater Back on 145.825 MHz

ARISS have announced that packet radio from the International Space Station is back on 145.825 MHz FM 

A few months back, the ARISS Team did the footwork and paperwork to launch the final copy of the Ericsson VHF handheld radio to the ISS.  This work was began in October after the unit onboard the ISS failed.  ARISS has been using the Ericssons for 16 years. In the last days of February, the launch vehicle, SpaceX 10's Dragon, flew to the ISS.  Then the ISS crew had the odious job of unloading and unpacking 5,500 pounds of cargo along with the Ericsson HT.

ARISS now confirm that VHF capability back working in the Columbus module.  Followers of ISS Fan Club have already posted that they've heard and used the transmitted packets.