Morse code - The First Social Media

Washington Post Retropolis story discusses the history of social media, tracing the concept all the way back to Morse Code.
Internet histories record Jack Dorsey’s first tweet as a pivotal moment in the rise of social media. However, it is possible that social media began almost two centuries earlier, on 24th May 1844, when Samuel F.B. Morse, a painter-turned-inventor, sent a message from Washington to Baltimore.
Back then, Morse wasn’t typing with his thumbs but was instead tapping dots and dashes “on a device of cogs and coiled wires,” as one historian later put it. While the telegraph had been around in idea and rudimentary form, Morse devised a way to use electricity for sending a series of codes signaling letters of the alphabet.
Suddenly, the country began shrinking in ways that sound distinctly familiar. 
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