Radio Hams Train for Emergencies

RF Wireless Amateur Radio Club will be participating in Field Day which takes place 24-25 June 2017
Lynn Neece WR7G, a member of RF Wireless Amateur Radio Club of Burley, said that while field day is an opportunity for the public to learn about the hobby and how to get started, for members it is also a training exercise for responding to a natural disaster or other emergencies.
Members will experience what it is like to operate away from their normal home stations by being part of a simulated emergency that requires setting up under adverse conditions, including the use of emergency power and portable antennas. The exercise will provide a chance to test systems and practice emergency protocols that are necessary when regular communications are disrupted.


Neece said he enjoys the technical side of the hobby and derives satisfaction from knowing that he would be able to help out neighbours in the event of an emergency and reach his family in Pennsylvania.
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