CB Pest Punished with Unprecedented Sentence

A court in Adelaide has sentenced local man John Alexander Kiss to nine months imprisonment after being found guilty of unlawfully operating and possessing radio communications devices.

Following an investigation by the Australian Communications and Media Authority into allegations of abuse and harassment, Kiss was found to be operation unlawfully within the Citizen Band.

Kiss pleaded guilty to the offence, dating back to 2015. His guilty plea included one count of unlicensed operation and two counts of unlawful possession of radiocommunications devices under sections 46 and 47 of the Radiocommunications Act 1992.

Whilst passing a custodial sentence, Kiss’s imprisonment has been suspended in favour of a two-year good-behaviour bond; all equipment used in the commission of the offence has been forfeited to the Court.

ACMA Story - http://www.acma.gov.au/Industry/Suppliers/Regulatory-arrangements/Radiocommunications-devices/serial-cb-radio-pest-receives-unprecedented-sentence