Asteroid named after Radio Ham

The International Astronomical Union has rewarded the space physicist and radio amateur operator Asta Pellinen-Wannberg SM3UHV by designating a celestial body in her name, Asteroid 11807 Wannberg
Asta Pellinen-Wannberg is a professor at the Department of Physics at Umeå University. She has made a groundbreaking effort to use scattering radar when studying meteors that are activated when small particles penetrate into the atmosphere.
The method is now applied to about ten stations around the world. It increases the ability to study different large flows, smaller particles and details in their interaction with the atmosphere, says Asta Pellinen-Wannberg.
Asta is chair of the Swedish National Committee for Radio Science SNRV and has researched together with Gudmund Wannberg SM3BYA, who served as Technical Manager at EISCAT Radar in Kiruna and Associate Professor at Umeå University.
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